Welcome to the 
Primary and Year 7 
National Cross Country Finals
Leicestershire and Rutland Primary Schools Championship


Please can we have a few easy guides?

Most of the information you’ll need should be in these two guides..
We’ve prepared a couple of useful downloads to help you on the day.

If you are a team manager, this document should help you.
(Please note that this has been prepared for national managers, so the reference to spikes is relevant for year 5 and above only)

If you are entering as an individual, then this is the information you need

Our details are wrong!!

Help! Our details are wrong on the entry system.

There is a known ‘challenge’ where by entering the date of birth, it appears to place your child in a wrong grouping. I’ve been advised that all runners will actually be in the correct groups.

There have been a few instances of runners’ names in error and their team name not showing. These are entries placed by your team / area managers. Please contact them directly and ask them to correct your information, they have access to the system until Friday.

How Do We Enter?

Entries are now closed

Entries MUST be loaded here and need to be carried out by team manager / selector.
Team managers can make changes up until March 22nd.
Changes to teams may be made after this date by emailing

NOTE. It cannot be guaranteed that any changes will be reflected in the draft results.

Can we enter on the day?

There are no ‘on the day’ entries.

All entries this year must be on-line


How do we collect numbers?
All Leicestershire Area teams, years 3 to 6 will collect numbers from their team managers only
All other team members will collect their numbers from their team managers
Only if you enter as an individual should you collect from the registration desk


Can we order photographs?

Funtorun will be taking  several thousand photos near the finishing line again this year.

You will be able to order prints, wall arts and downloads on-line after the event.

Image downloads from 2018 events are still available from Funtorun

National Cross Country races in March 2018 and the Leicestershire Primary League events from October to December 2018.

What will the routes be?

What about the races?

All the races will be “hared and tortoised” to ensure that everyone that takes part in the event is encouraged and safely seen around the course.
Year three and year four races will be Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland only.
Year five and year six races will be combined national finals and Leicestershire/Leicester/Rutland.

The Race Courses

This map has the routes and distances, re-marked 17th March 2019 (note subject to change due to ground conditions)

Distances (approximate and subject to change)

Year 3 1.4k
Year 4 1.8k
Year 5 2.2k
Year 6 2.4k
Year 7 2.8k



What time and what about spikes?

What time are the races and can we wear spikes?

Important information – spikes are ONLY allowed in the Year 5, 6 and 7 races.

Leicestershire and Rutland only events

10.45 – Year 3 Girls

11.00 – Year 3 Boys

11.15 – Year 4 Girls

11.30 – Year 4 Boys

11.45 – Presentations for the above events

12.30 – Year 5 Girls L&R/Nat combined

12.55 – Year 5 Boys L&R/Nat combined

1.15 –  Year 6 Girls L&R/Nat combined

1.35 –  Year 6 Boys L&R/Nat combined

1.50 – Year 7 Girls Nationals

2.10 – Year 7 Boys Nationals

2.40 Presentations for 5,6 and 7

What are the events?

As this is a combined series of races covering local and national championships it is important that the on-line entry system works as accurately as possible.

Please read the information below before attempting to use the on-line entry system.

Year 3 and Year 4 Races
These events are limited to Leicestershire and Rutland county area selected teams only. Only Leicestershire and Rutland area team managers are allowed to enter their teams.
Individual entries will be rejected.
Team entries from outside of Leicestershire and Rutland will be rejected

Year 5 and 6 Races
These are combined national and county championships.
LEICESTERSHIRE AND RUTLAND areas compete using teams selected by the area team managers.
The only runners in these events from Leicestershire and Rutland will be in these teams.

NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS will be competed for by teams and individuals from around the country including those from Leicestershire and Rutland who were not selected for their area team.
Only allocated team managers are allowed to enter their teams.

Year 7 Races
These are only national championships competed for by teams  and individuals from around the country including those from Leicestershire and Rutland who were not selected for their county team.
Only allocated team managers are allowed to enter their teams

Online Entries.

Will there be a drone and big screen?
The whole event will be broadcast LIVE with coverage beginning at 10.35​

Our big screen and live drone footage will be in use again this year enabling everyone to watch the events unfold without having to dash across the field!

Can we take photos?

Yes, and you must sign an agreement when you enter the field.

You will be requested to sign an agreement form in which you will state that any images you take, which include children other than your own, will not be shared on any internet sites or social media

Is there a Facebook Group?

FaceBook Group
There is a closed FaceBook group for this event.
The group is shared between this event and the Primary and Secondary cross country leagues in Leicestershire.
The group can be found here . Please note that when you request to join the page, we require you to agree to 3 criteria questions.


Where are the results for 2018?

The results are available on this link

Team results for 2018 are available in this PDF

What do we do about parking?

There is hard standing parking for up to 3000 cars however please arrive in good time as we expect large volumes of traffic arriving at peak times.

Parking charges will be as follows:

Cars £5

Minibus £10

Coach £25

These are the only charges we make and helps cover the huge cost of staging such a large event

What about pens for individual entries?

In order to make the penning fair on the individual entries, pen positions will be organised in a random fashion and may be changed on the day.

Tee shirts and hoodies

Once again, BeeCreative are producing souvenir tee-shirts for this event

They now have an on-line shop where tee-shirts can be ordered.

Tee-shirts are £6.50 each, BeeCreative can provide custom designs to suit your exact requirements, full details are on the website

Other important information

Are dogs allowed on the grounds whilst watching the races?
Well behaved dogs kept on leads are welcome

Would it help if we brought the right money for parking?
Yes. Please have it ready in the car with you, this would save lots of time!

I asked to join the Facebook group but nothing has happened?
It’s likely that you’ve made the join request from a facebook app on a mobile phone and haven’t seen the questions we need you to verify. Please click on this facebook group link and make sure you answer the 3 questions.

Where can I see 2019 Entries?
Can be viewed on the on-line entry website.
Note. Some entrants may have asked for their entry to not be displayed. If this is the case we cannot , under our data protection and child protection policies, under any circumstances answer any queries regarding entries not displayed.