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Galleries since Autumn 2018 are available.
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Looking Forward
Will the event run in 2021
Yes, but.. as long as events are under our control.

We’ll keep you posted on this page and on the FaceBook group regarding plans for the future

Is there a Facebook Group?
FaceBook Group
There is a closed FaceBook group for this event.
The group is shared between this event and the Primary and Secondary cross country leagues in Leicestershire.
The group can be found here . Please note that when you request to join the page, we require you to agree to 3 criteria questions.


Are previous results available?

The results or 2019 are available at Stuweb

The results for 2018 are available at Stuweb


What do the families and runners think of the event?

Feedback from Families.

The second national pimary schools cross country final, held at Prestwold Hall in March 2017, was a tremendous day.

We’d like to thank the many athletes, families and parents for their kind words before, during and after the event.

Here are a few of the comments we received. Thank you, your thoughts are so very, very welcome.

“I just wanted to say thank you for putting on an amazing event on Saturday. My children thoroughly enjoyed the event and have come back buzzing, full of enthusiasm the train hard and qualify again next year. We also had a brilliant day, as did Alex and Millie’s grandparents.
Leicestershire weather was certainly kind, the location perfect and the competition first class.”

“Just a quick email John to say thank you for organising the national primary schools xc champs.
The feedback from our small Cornish team was superb – everything from arriving at the event, to the atmosphere at the event and the course itself. They couldn’t praise it highly enough. One parent was particularly chuffed to hear the commentators talking about her sons surf lifesaving achievements – what a great personal touch!
Thanks again for accepting our entries and for all your support along the way. We hope to return in larger numbers next year, hopefully my son (current year 4) will also compete so I will experience the event for myself!”

“Hi John I would like to say that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day yesterday, saying that it was very well organised.Our girls loved the feeling of being part of a big event and didn’t mind it being a couple of hours away … If you could include me on the list for next years event would be very much appreciated.  thanks andy and all at Liverpool harriers”

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for putting on such a well-organised event. I know that we were blessed with really good weather too which undoubtedly helped, but our yr7’s really enjoyed the experience as they were able to race against athletes from all around the country.”

“Hi John,just a quick note to say thanks for the great experience you gave a lot of young athletes yesterday.They are the future of our sport and will have enjoyed their participation.
On another positive note it certainly sets the bar very high for other county assoc to put on such a well organised event as you did, I just hope it rubs off to as many as possible as it can only make participating more fun to an other wise less than “sexy” event with wind ,rain and mud the norm.”

“Good morning John and thank you so much for a wonderfully well organised event on Saturday!

Gloucestershire thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and we will most defiantly be coming next year – if you’ll have us that is.”

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday.

We started the day on the coach and we started getting texts from family at home saying they were watching the year 3 and 4 races.
Some of the parents got the live streams up on there phones. The kids were screaming with excitement.
On arrival we pitched our gazebo next to first aid and not far from the big screen. Loads of photos and smiles.
Exciting watching the races on the big screen.
Our year 6 boy came 9th

We didn’t win any medals, but we all went home with hoodies and huge smiles

Thanks so much john see you next year
Gail and all the wirral team”

“Just wanted to say a big heartfelt thank you for putting on such a well organised race last Saturday.
Great environment for children and their families to enjoy a day out .. and celebrate hard work, determination and good sportmanship.
I don’t know what motivates the volunteers to come out and spend their time helping at these events but I hope they get some satisfaction from knowing it is very much appreciated.”
Parent of Year 3 Girl

“Thanks for a really great event – fantastic organisation, and a great experience all round.”
Parent of Year 7 Girl

“I stayed at home with our other children but my husband took our daughter and they both got a huge amount out of the day.  The streaming was brilliant!  I watched it with my eldest son and both grannies watched it live also! “
Parent of Year 6 Girl

“.. it was an exceptionally well-organised event all round, and really a privilege for our kids to take part in!  Our daughter thought it was the most nervous she had ever been, and was so surprised at how much she enjoyed it; what a great experience for her next time she has nerves about anything! “
Parents of Year 5 Girl

“It was an unbelievable day, they all did so well and made superb memories in a national race at their young age. Thank you to all the organisers!”
Parents of Year 5 Boy

“you asked about feedback. I’ve gotta say it was brilliant couldn’t fault it”
Parent of Year 5 Girl

“..can I say what an incredible day, experience and atmosphere there was surrounding the whole day, I especially loved the older junior athletes hare-ing and tortoise-ing the races plus the fact they partnered up with the last few runners, just some simply lovely touches to the day that inspired both children and adults. Thank you.”
Parent of Year 5 Girl

“Thank you very much for a very well organised even. We thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was especially nice for my Mum who is in South Africa to be able to be part of it by seeing .. in action on the live feed. What a great idea.”
Parent of Year 5 Girl


Great event, and really hope the folks get some really good publicity – they deserve to. [year 7 boy]