Cross Country
Primary and Year 7 
National Finals
Leicestershire and Rutland Schools Championships

Saturday 23rd March 2019.


FaceBook Group
There is a closed FaceBook group for this event.
The group is shared between this event and the Primary and Secondary cross country leagues in Leicestershire.
The group can be found here . Please note that when you request to join the page, we require you to agree to 3 criteria questions.


ON-LINE Entries are now Open

Please note that to be included in the programme, entries need to be in by 15th March
Entries WILL close on Tuesday 19th March

Entries MUST be loaded here and need to be carried out by team manager / selector.
Team managers can make changes up until March 22nd.

Welcome to the 2019 National Primary school year 5-6 and secondary schools year 7 National final.
This event incorporates the Leicestershire and Rutland county primary schools championships.

Please see the provisional timetable for details of race times.

We are pleased to be hosting the event again at Prestwold Hall near Loughborough.

The number of athletes per national team has been increased to 12 to allow even more young athletes to compete.
Leicestershire and Rutland Teams have also been increased to 12 per team.

The criteria will remain the same insomuch that each team can bring 12  athletes per team meaning that up to 72 athletes from each area/region/club team etc can take part.

There remains no selection criteria so keeping this major event open to all. There will be the usual array of team awards as well as trophies and medals for the top performers.

We are very much hoping that the big screen and drone feed will be there again in 2019.
There will be more initiatives added to make the day even more memorable!

One definite major improvement this year that will benefit both entering and receiving is that all entries will be on line. This means that team managers can make changes right up to the day prior to the event.

ONLINE ENTRIES (Please read)

As this is a combined series of races covering local and national championships it is important that the on-line entry system works as accurately as possible.

Please read the information below before attempting to use the on-line entry system.

Year 3 and Year 4 Races
These events are limited to Leicestershire and Rutland county area selected teams only. Only Leicestershire and Rutland area team managers are allowed to enter their teams.
Individual entries will be rejected.
Team entries from outside of Leicestershire and Rutland will be rejected

Year 5 and 6 Races
These are combined national and county championships.
LEICESTERSHIRE AND RUTLAND areas compete using teams selected by the area team managers.
The only runners in these events from Leicestershire and Rutland will be in these teams.

NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS will be competed for by teams and individuals from around the country including those from Leicestershire and Rutland who were not selected for their area team.
Only allocated team managers are allowed to enter their teams.

Year 7 Races
These are only national championships competed for by teams  and individuals from around the country including those from Leicestershire and Rutland who were not selected for their county team.
Only allocated team managers are allowed to enter their teams

Online Entries.

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World and European 800m medallist Jenny Meadows presented the awards

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