After the Event – All You Need to Know

That was the
2019 Primary and Year 7
National Cross Country Finals
Leicestershire and Rutland Primary Schools Championship


How do we order photographs?

After the 2018 finals many families asked for us to make searching by bib number available.
We now have a solution that doesn’t involve shipping the pictures to outworkers in the Far East.

Your finals were the first time this Artificial Intelligence system was used at a UK event.
A few changes to our workflow meant that the earlier galleries had many 100s of pictures missing.

There are 3 galleries on this link

All of the Year 7 pictures, boys and girls. The event marked ones now show Year 7 rather than Primary.

All year 3 to 6 searchable

All year 3 to 6 where the bibs couldn’t be read correctly

If you ordered an ‘event marked’ print or download for your year 7 runner, please contact me directly

Presentations Year 3 and 4

Presentations Years 5, 6 and 7 and Teams 

We’ve been asked if images are available for the Leics Primary League races (Autumn 2018) and last years’ national / County Championships (Spring 2018). They can all be found here

Where are the results?

The results are available on this link

TEAM Results (including Leicestershire Area results) are available here

Results will be loaded to Power of Ten

Initial Photo Galleries

Now available ..
(Nearly) all the images are in one event gallery, where you can search by BIB number.
There are also event marked pictures that you can select.
Please note that when you search there may be extra images that match your search term, hopefully you’ll find your runner in there.

SEARCHABLE GALLERY – Cross Country Championships March 2019

Year 6 Boys Gallery – with Bib Search Options

All galleries are now on-line.

Year 3 Girls AVAILABLE


Year 4 Girls AVAILABLE


Presentations Year 3 and 4 AVAILABLE

Year 5 Girls AVAILABLE


Year 6 Girls AVAILABLE


Year 7 Girls AVAILABLE


Presentations Years 5, 6 and 7 and Teams AVAILABLE

We’ve been asked if images are available for the Leics Primary League races (Autumn 2018) and last years’ national / County Championships (Spring 2018). They can all be found here

Images for Teams

Can team managers order downloads in bulk?
Team managers need to help here, you need to browse through the galleries and send me the image numbers.
Please see ‘montage’ information on how to find image numbers..
We”ll then copy a folder full of your images on a separate system.
Downloads are currently £2.99 or £4.99 per image plus handling.
For team collections the image charge will be £2.75 per image, regardless of size and there will be no handling charge.
Team managers would be invoiced directly, on payment will be provided with the links to the folder to download image files.
Minimum of 10 images.

Can I provide images to the press?
Simple answer NO
Real answer Yes. Please do not provide the images which you may download, as this will be breach of copyright.
Please provide the press with my email and the image number.
Then I will provide them with the highest quality image they require and I’ll be responsible for ensuring any copyright requirements are cleared



Standard montage sets can be made with 4 images and 2 lines of text of up to 50 characters.
Montages can be made with combinations of images from 2018 Leics Leagues and 2019 Championships

Simply select images from the online galleries and make a note of the file names.
Each image is uniquely named, for example 2018r2y3g245.jpg

The filename can be found when you have a gallery picture on display, a letter i will be seen in the lower right corner.
Click on the letter i for the unique filenames.

Please send an email to with the image filenames and text required.

There is a service charge of £10 to prepare a montage set of up to 4 images and 2 lines of text of up to 50 characters.

The montage will be made using the original camera images, professionally edited to provide optimum output.

A low resolution copy with copyright watermark will be produced and emailed back to you

Please check the montage is as required.

If you are not satisfied, then there will be no charge and any working files will be deleted.

On confirmation, we’ll send you a direct invoice for £10.

On receipt of payment we will provide you back by email one standard,  low resolution image with no watermark.

In addition a higher resolution image will be placed in a montage gallery where you will be able to order images and prints based on our prevailing prices and offers.

Additional images can be added for £2 each.

“Please can I have a montage with the runner name?”

Montages with the runner name can be created if requested, these will be handled with extra safeguards.
On confirmation and payment a low resolution image will be provided (as above)

If you would like other options for montage images with runner names these will be be charged at current published price plus £1.
Any files will be provided for you in unique on-line space which will be deleted after you confirm downloads.

Is there a Facebook Group?

FaceBook Group
There is a closed FaceBook group for this event.
The group is shared between this event and the Primary and Secondary cross country leagues in Leicestershire.
The group can be found here . Please note that when you request to join the page, we require you to agree to 3 criteria questions.


Medals, Hoodies and Programmes

Hoodies and Programmes were on sale on the day.

If you’d like to order any directly:-

Hoodies please can be ordered directly from

Medals and Programmes – please contact John Skevington directly 


Other important information
Some entrants may have asked for their entry to not be displayed. If this is the case we cannot , under our data protection and child protection policies, under any circumstances answer any queries regarding entries not displayed.
Results are now Final