Leicestershire and Rutland

Schools Cross Country League

Possibly the largest and longest established schools cross country league in England.
In our 45+ years there have been over 100,000 finishers, some of these children have gone on to represent England and Great Britain.
We have a closed Facebook group with over 3,400 members

In Autumn 2023 we moved to Mallory Park with a new team of volunteers.

Over 1,200 different children from nearly 200 schools took part in our first meetings. The feedback has been tremendous.

“Thank you .. for your .. encouragement of young people who aren’t seasoned runners. It made all the difference!
We have been going to cross country for years and, whilst always appreciative of the efforts of those before you, this was by far the easiest experience! Well done to all”

“Brilliant venue and well organised”

“Thanks to the tail walkers / runners who brought my sons trainer back to him at the finish after it had got stuck in the mud half way around!”

“.. yesterday was brilliant, organisers, volunteers, course, venue, parking.
We organise triathlon events ourselves and understand the enormous amount of work that goes into providing these opportunities for kids. We are super grateful…

“My son wondering if it’s school cross country or Glasto??!!”

We’ll be returning to Mallory Park for the 2024 season.

Saturday October 26th
Saturday November 16th
Saturday November 30th


The next picture was taken BEFORE the race. No comment needed.


Who can take part?
These events are open to all runners between school year 3 and 13 who live or go to school in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

“My son absolutely loves cross country, and he’s not too happy with the busy jostling at the start and the finish.
I raised his worries to the team at Mallory and they were magnificent and really made his day.
Thank you so much”
Happy Parent

“My son did last years cross country and this years! He is a year 4 boy and has cerebral palsy.
We were told he might never walk so too see him competing in a cross country race is amazing. He doesn’t give up either!
This was his last race for a while as he is off for Botox in 2 weeks and then will be in a cast!”

Thank you to the parents of the above children who provided their consent for us to use the pictures.

Sponsorship Opporunities

These events are self-funding and we attract a large number of local families.
Our events are registered with England Athletics and are carried out under their guidelines.

As a group we have many expenses – venue hire, first aid, facilities, race numbers and equipment such as PA, event trailer, admin gazebos.

In 2023, we :-
Held two events at a completely new venue with a team of volunteers
Supplied racing bibs to all runners.
Received sponsorship which enabled us to purchase 2 admin gazebos.
Received start and finish flags from a local supplier.
Purchased a bank of walkie-talkies.
Received high-viz jackets from a local road race.
Supported a local scout group who help with our parking.
Gave a prime space to a local young peoples charity. This helped them raise essential funds and significantly raise their profile.

In 2024 can you help us?
It would be fantastic to have:-
Tee-shirts for our hares and tortoises. These would include logos from sponsors.
A replacement PA system to enable all marshals and families to hear the ‘on the day’ announcements clearly.
A dedicated event trailer to make course management more efficient and reduce risk of damage to volunteers own cars.
An extra gazebo to help to keep our volunteer admin team dry and out of the wind.
A Go-Pro (or similar) to help our volunteers providing the results.

It would be incredible if we could move to chip timing. This is something we have avoided so far as the cost is beyond our means.


Contacting Us

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Race Director,Webmaster and Facebook Moderator
Mike McSharry