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Upcoming Events

This website is for the ‘stand alone’ Leicestershire and Rutland Schools Cross Country league.
We get lots of messages / questions regarding other events and we’ve made a special page for those events


We’ll be returning to Mallory Park for the 2024 season.

Dates confirmed are

Saturday October 26th
Saturday November 16th
Saturday November 30th

Following the success of the teams presentation morning, we will try to organise one in January 2025.
(To be organised)


The image galleries for October and November are now available as archive downloads, which is a saving of more than 50%!

I’ve worked with the photographers to show only images where specific consent has been given.
If you spot any images that have sneaked through, please use the email address in the gallery

Image Gallery October 28th 2023

Image Gallery November 18th 2023

An Appeal

Thank you to the many families who gave donations to the league at the awards session in Loughborough.
This has been a challenging season and I have personally covered most of the costs of the team medals, this includes the medals awarded at Groby on the same day

Please can you help?

The donation link is direct to the dedicated account for the cross country league.

This is the direct link to the donation page


Please can I ask a massive favour? Please only contact me (Mike) via this form rather than email or social media?
I can hopefully help you better as it’s much easier to keep control of replies etc and also cleanly copy any web links which people supply.
I intend to reply within 48 hours.
If the answer is on the website – be prepared for that to be your answer.
If the answer is not on the website – it probably should be and I’ll try to add it (and you’ll get a big thank you).

Race Director,Webmaster and Facebook Moderator
Mike McSharry

Registrations and Results

Primary National Team Manager (Years 3 to 6. Plus Year 7)
Annie Pointon

Secondary National Team Manager (Years 8 to Year 13)
Sarah Hatherley


Facebook Group

Cross Country Facebook Group

When you were invited to join this group, you were prompted by FaceBook to confirm that you have seen the guidelines for membership of the group.

Here are the guidelines.
As, and when, these guidelines are updated the group will be informed.

Child protection is paramount. No posts or comments to include picture of individual children and a relevant childs’ name.
Language to be appropriate at all times. This group is open to the secondary community and there may be valid FaceBook users of 13 year olds in this group.
Event result queries need to be directed from group coaches/teachers to the event organiser and will not be allowed on the forum.
Event sponsors may occasionally use the group to promote their services.
Any other advertising to be cleared by event organiser / group administrators prior to publishing on the site.
Comments or posts that are not appropriate may be deleted by group administrators.