Cross Country Facebook Group

When you were invited to join this group, you were prompted by FaceBook to confirm that you have seen the guidelines for membership of the group.

Here are the guidelines.
As, and when, these guidelines are updated the group will be informed.

Child protection is paramount. No posts or comments to include picture of individual children and a relevant childs’ name.
Language to be appropriate at all times. This group is open to the secondary community and there may be valid FaceBook users of 13 year olds in this group.
Event result queries need to be directed from group coaches/teachers to the event organiser and will not be allowed on the forum.
Event sponsors may occasionally use the group to promote their services.
Any other advertising to be cleared by event organiser / group administrators prior to publishing on the site.
Comments or posts that are not appropriate may be deleted by group administrators.

Update March 2022
Group membership has now reached 2,800

Update October 2021
The races are back and the group is now over 2,400 members. Thank you.

Update November 2020
The group now has over 2,000 members and has been an invaluable tool for sharing information during the Covid-19 crisis.

September 2018
The FaceBook group is now being used in its first full season. The season started with Leicestershire Secondary Cross Country races and will finish with the National Primary/Year 7 finals and the Inter Schools finals in Spring 2019.
At the time of writing the group has over 700 members and has been very helpful with sharing information, last minute updates and general Q & A. To keep the group thriving, helpful and positive there are a few guidelines we need to adhere to. These guidelines were put together with a pilot group of users in early 2018.

January 2018
The FaceBook group is now live and you were sent to this page from the sign in questions.
Please do answer those questions as membership of the group is conditional on that.


December 2017
Over the last few weeks we have been piloting a closed Facebook group to help with communications for the following events:-Leicestershire Primary Cross Country League
Leicestershire Secondary Cross Country League
Leicestershire Primary Cross Country Championships
National Primary and Year 7 Cross Country Championships

There are many parents involved in all of these events and we are building this one group to help communications in all these races.